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Summary List PlacementMike Pompeo on Sunday safeguarded previous President Donald Trump and his handling of Russia, stating he takes pride in the work the 2 did throughout his period as secretary of state.
In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace asked Pompeo about different human-rights offenses Russia stands implicated of..
Alexei Navalny, for instance, declares he was poisoned by the Kremlin, which has consistently denied any involvement in the occurrence. Russian President Vladimir Putin once posited that Navalny had poisoned himself, an idea Navalny mocked..
Putin’s opponents have actually consistently been poisoned. When asked whether he was a killer, Putin laughed and never ever responded to the question straight.
” With respect to human rights, I– we take a backseat to no one,” Pompeo stated in action to a concern from Wallace on Trump’s handling of Russia. “I heard Secretary [Anthony] Blinken speak about the work they’re doing to attempt and persuade the Europeans to stand alongside us on human-rights offenses in China and the work that they have actually done safeguarding human rights against Russian abuses. We were tough there too, Chris.”.
” I’m proud of the work we did there,” Pompeo included. “It was good work. It was severe work and it made a distinction.”.
Trump and Putin had a suspiciously close relationship that has actually regularly raised eyebrows among critics and political leaders. The US president, has, for example, applauded Putin and discharged him of all allegations related to disturbance in the 2016 election, in spite of intelligence reports clearly linking Russia..
And simply days back, Trump once again repeated his claim that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 governmental election, including that he trusts Russia more than US intelligence.
Trump has actually formerly rejected claims characterizing Putin as a killer, and he’s also remained peaceful on Navalny’s claim that the Russian president poisoned him.

President Joe Biden, meanwhile, has outright called Putin a killer.
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