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ANOTHER DAY, another antitrust case against huge tech. In Might alone the attorney-general of the District of Columbia submitted a grievance against Amazon, Germany’s competition authority went after Amazon and Google to identify whether they have “paramount significance for competitors throughout markets”, and its Italian counterpart struck Google with a EUR100 m ($122 m) fine for limiting access to Android Auto, a version of the firm’s mobile operating system for automobiles.
And the rate may be getting. On June 4th both Britain’s Competitors and Markets Authority (CMA) and the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, introduced parallel probes to see if Facebook is utilizing the information it gathers to offer itself an excessive advantage in online advertising. The same day German trustbusters opened another case into whether Google favours its newish “News Showcase”, a curated collection of news article, in its search engine result. And on June 7th the French competitors watchdog revealed it had actually reached a settlement with Google over claims that the firm abuses its dominant position in the market for dishing up online ads. Google will pay a fine of EUR220 m and modify some company practices.

In part the regulators are reacting to political winds. “They can do no wrong pursuing big tech,” quips Justus Haucap of the University of …
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