Respected marijuana investment company Merida Capital is raising $250 million for a new fund. Handling partner Mitch Baruchowitz shares why he's wagering big on medical marijuana and the 'normalization' of the industry. thumbnail


Summary List PlacementOne of the most respected financial investment firms in the marijuana industry is raising its 4th fund in five years, Expert has actually learned.
Merida Capital Holdings, led by Mitch Baruchowitz, is targeting $250 million for its Fund IV, according to a filing with US regulators. Merida may want to raise as much as $350 million, Baruchowitz told Expert in an interview. Fund IV would be among the biggest private-equity funds targeting the marijuana industry to date.
Many standard venture-capital and private-equity firms prevent investing in marijuana since THC is federally unlawful in the US. That dynamic has given rise to companies such as Merida, which focus solely on the marijuana market and draw investors that are comfy banking on the drug. Similar to the business they back, firms such as Merida have actually had the ability to scale up rapidly as the industry has actually grown.
Merida’s backers consist of institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth people. Dan Lipton, Merida’s chief running officer, stated that around 30%of Merida’s investors have returned to purchase numerous funds.
Merida’s marijuana track record.
Baruchowitz stated he’s had more “indications of interest” from larger institutional investors who desire exposure to cannabis than ever in the past.
” That’s actually where the base is growing,” Baruchowitz said.
The 4th fund will develop on Merida’s performance history of purchasing both publicly traded and start-up cannabis business, Baruchowitz stated.
Merida’s first fund returned 200%to financiers, Baruchowitz stated, and he expects to produce a 600%return in his new fund.
Other cannabis funds have carried out well in recent years. J.W. Asset Management, a fund that invests mainly in public business, returned 146%to investors in2020 Navy Capital, another cannabis-focused hedge fund, returned 70%to investors in2020 It’s not an entirely apples-to-apples comparison as J.W. Asset Management and Navy Capital only shared their public portfolio returns with Insider.
Merida purchased GrowGeneration, a Nasdaq-listed marijuana hydroponics business. GrowGen’s stock has acquired 477%over the previous year. Merida likewise bought Dharma Pharmaceuticals, which it sold to marijuana producer Green Thumb Industries in May in an $80 million deal.
Merida’s 3rd fund closed at $118 million, and the firm handles over $500 million in possessions, coinvestments, and a Nasdaq-listed SPAC, Lipton said.

Betting on medical marijuana and broader normalization.
Merida’s 4th fund will concentrate on three themes, Baruchowitz stated: medical cannabis, companies that address what the normalization of cannabis indicates for customers, and supply-chain companies.
Medical cannabis has actually been mostly overlooked as business hurry to dominate the recreational cannabis market, Baruchowitz said. He’s searching for business that attend to the medicalization of cannabis, such as doctor education, medical information, and insurance compensation.
” There’s an universe that’s going to be unlocked over the next couple of years, and Fund IV is going to be really aggressive in targeting what we think is going to be the fastest-growing vertical,” he stated. “Even though there are medical users now, the truth is a lot of people are self-medicating, a great deal of doctors aren’t getting involved, there’s no insurance compensation.”.
Baruchowitz stated Merida is likewise focused on the more comprehensive theme of the normalization of cannabis in the United States and around the globe.
That implies support business that are producing top quality items– such as pre-rolled joints, beverages, and edibles– that might assist transition the market from the illicit market to legal consumer items. Baruchowitz said he’s likewise looking to back adtech and data business that assist brand names comprehend cannabis consumer habits.
He’s likewise buying supply-chain companies such as GrowGen that help producers grow marijuana regularly and at scale.
” It’s not always about discovering the right business, it has to do with finding the right vertical very first since we think the best verticals have much better margins of mistake,” he said. “And that’s how you get to these high returns.” Join the discussion about this story” NOW VIEW: Where you need to go to remain safe during an earthquake
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