GOP state senators in Pennsylvania started lobbying for an election audit back in December: WaPo thumbnail


Summary List PlacementAll eyes were on Pennsylvania following the 2020 presidential election. In the days, weeks, and months that followed, the battlefield state saw a fascinating post-election day portion shift from Trump to Biden, several Trump-sponsored accusations of scams, and a series of turned down legal efforts by the then-president and his allies to overturn the results.
After 2 months of election pandemonium in the keystone state, a group of GOP senators staged a last attempt to undermine President Joe Biden’s win, according to The Washington Post..
In late December, Republican senators in the state legislature targeted officials in a minimum of three conservative-leaning counties asking if they would agree to an informal, voluntary audit of their tallies, the outlet reported..
Previously unreported, the lawmakers’ post-election efforts to plant doubt about the 2020 election results and curry favor with previous President Donald Trump set a precedent for the expanding list of locations throughout the country looking to conduct similar evaluations of the election that refuses to die.
Trump patriots are clamoring for chances to find evidence that could show Trump’s unrelenting conspiracy theories. Specialists and institutions have actually discovered no evidence of any prevalent citizen scams in the 2020 election.
The Post’s reporting on the Pennsylvania Republicans’ methods comes as the state’s GOP fields growing calls to greenlight an Arizona-style election audit of its own. Last week, a three-person delegation from Pennsylvania met fellow Republicans and ballot counters in Maricopa County, where Biden beat Trump by more than 45,000 votes and where a GOP-backed audit has actually been ongoing given that March..
Sen. Doug Mastriano, who established a close relationship with Trump following the election, assisted spearhead the county audit efforts in Pennsylvania in 2015 and supposedly told Trump at a meeting last month that he could bring about an audit in his state moving on. Mastriano was also among the lawmakers who visited the Phoenix site last week and called for a comparable recount after his go to..
Mastriano did not immediately return Expert’s ask for comment..
Of the 3 counties that Pennsylvania Republicans targeted last winter season, Trump won all with ease. According to The Post, the lawmakers proposed to have a personal company evaluate the counties’ tallies totally free– an uncommon act not part of official election difficulty processes..
Fulton County, a backwoods on the border of Maryland, is the only county known to have accepted the senators’ deal, The Post reported. On December 31, Wake TSI, a business initially associated with the Arizona recount too, stated about 1,000 mail-in tallies and analyzed county voting devices, according to the outlet..
The company, which was contracted to a nonprofit run by ex-Trump attorney Sidney Powell, declared the election had been “well run” and conducted in “a persistent and efficient manner” in a February draft report reviewed by The Post..
However the final variation of the report that wound up on the county’s website was modified.
” This does not suggest that there were no issues with the election, just that they were not the fault of the County Election Commission or County Election Director,” it added to its evaluation.
County officials did not react to The Post’s concerns about who made the last-minute modification..
As Trump continues to spread out lies about the 2020 election, he has actually zeroed in on Pennsylvania once again, joining the crowd of those requiring a state audit.
” The people of Pennsylvania and America should have to understand the reality,” Trump stated in a statement. “If the Pennsylvania Senate leadership doesn’t act, there is no chance they will ever get re-elected! Join the discussion about this story” NOW SEE: Why some Coca-Cola bottles have a yellow cap
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