Defendant, who district attorneys state stormed Capitol in a QAnon shirt, says he 'fell victim' to conspiracies and was fed 'a pack of lies' by Trump thumbnail


Summary List PlacementDouglas Jensen, an Iowa guy who was prosecuted on numerous federal charges connected to the January 6 insurrection, is looking for a release from custody ahead of his arraignment hearing, arguing that he “fell victim” to conspiracy theories.
The brand-new ask for release was issued ahead of Jensen’s arraignment at a DC federal court on Tuesday. His lawyer declared that Jensen has actually been “languishing” in a DC jail for six months. He was jailed five months earlier.
District attorneys say that in a number of viral videos, Jensen can be seen in front of Capitol Policeman Eugene Goodman, along with other officers, in the middle of among the very first waves of rioters to burglarize the Capitol. He’s pictured sporting a T-shirt with a QAnon logo with an eagle in the center, accompanied by the group’s motto.

In new court documents, Jensen’s attorney Christopher Davis is requiring his client’s release on the basis that Jensen “feels tricked, acknowledging that he purchased into a pack of lies” by former President Donald Trump. Davis claims that his customer was only at the rally to observe and that Trump corrupted him..
According to federal prosecutors, Jensen can be seen charging towards Officer Goodman in several videos. He has been indicted on 5 charges, including assaulting officers, however in his request for release, Jensen’s lawyer claims that Goodman “threatened” Jensen, who was presumably armed with a pocketknife for “security.”.
Jensen was arrested two days after going back to Des Moines, Iowa, following the insurrection and was transferred to Washington, DC, at a judge’s demand.
Jensen is likewise charged with blocking a main proceeding, which has an optimal sentence of 20 years.Join the conversation about this story” NOW WATCH: Why I’m discarding every plastic thing in my kitchen ASAP
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