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Summary List PlacementThe United States healthcare market is undergoing considerable interruption as the coronavirus pandemic catalyzed the need for improved health care delivery– and digital health startups are at the helm of this improvement.

As the vanguards of the digital improvement of healthcare, financiers are taking notice of digital health start-ups’ capacity– and dedicating record funds to them. Worldwide, healthcare financing to personal companies reached $1809 billion in Q2 2020, according to CB Insights– establishing a new quarterly record, with equity investments growing 6.3%quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) from 1,197 handle Q1 2020 to 1,272 deals in Q22020
In this report, Expert Intelligence analyzes the leading five US digital health startups in AI, telehealth, and medical gadgets– the locations of digital health with the most number of deals in the first half of2020 We first explore the AI in health care market and the United States start-ups leveraging AI to change this space. Next, we information the explosive expansion of the US telehealth market in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, and take a look at the startups working to address customers’ growing virtual care needs.
We explore the blossoming medical gadget area and analyze the United States start-ups disrupting this market through their health tech. Start-ups in this report were selected based upon their total disclosed funding at the time of writing, noteworthy investors, the products and solutions they use, and leadership in their functional market location.
The business mentioned in this report are: 98 point6, Abbott, Aetion, Anthem, Bigfoot Biomedical, Biofourmis,, Chugai, Cigna, Aspect Science, Firefly Health, Gaido Health, Genesis Health, Happify Health, K Health, Komodo Health, Mindstrong, Modern Fertility, Oak Street Health, Onera Health, Premera Blue Cross, Vicarious Surgical, and Virta Health.
Here are some key takeaways from this report:

Digital health start-ups are changing the US health care system amid the growing need for improved health care delivery catalyzed by the coronavirus pandemic.
The AI, telehealth, and medical device areas are the 3 locations of healthcare where innovation is causing the most significant interruptions. These spaces represent the digital health market areas that scored the most number of handle the first half of2020
AI’s ability to rapidly sift through huge amounts of data, help with remote client monitoring, and power digital therapeutics highlights the transformative power of the tech in health care– and it’s drawing in considerable financier attention.
Telehealth usage– and investments– have actually surged in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, highlighting how virtual care solutions are currently making a large effect on the US health care shipment landscape.
The medical device market, with tech varying from remote tracking gadgets to robotics-based surgical tools, is experiencing record-breaking financial investment activity.

Completely, the report:

Emphasizes how the coronavirus pandemic has actually accelerated growing need for enhanced health care delivery, and the actions digital health startups are requiring to change the US health care system.
Supplies an overview of the three locations of health care where innovation is causing the biggest disruptions– AI, telehealth, and medical gadgets– and the aspects making these markets especially ripe for improvement.
Determines the leading 5 US startups to enjoy in the AI, telehealth, and medical device market areas.
Shares forward-looking insights on what’s next for each of the featured start-ups.

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