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Summary List PlacementWorkers have long desired jobs in the tech industry due to the fact that business promise things like great pay, prestige, glamorous advantages, and ingenious cultures.
But Emi Nietfeld, a Google engineer from 2015 to 2019, wrote in an op-ed for The New York Times on Wednesday that she left her tech job since Google’s supposed credibility as an excellent place to work masked the truth that– similar to other business– it eventually watches out for itself.
Nietfeld said in the op-ed that one her male managers sexually bothered for more than a year, calling her “gorgeous,” “stunning,” and “my queen”– and that Google’s credibility made it that much harder to speak up.
” Saying anything about his habits implied challenging the story we informed ourselves about Google being so unique,” Nietfeld wrote, adding: “Google was the Garden of Eden; I resided in fear of being cast out.”.
Google did not respond to a request for talk about this story.
When she eventually submitted an official HR complaint, Nietfeld composed: “Google went from being a fantastic workplace to being any other business.”.
Google neglected Nietfeld’s concerns about having to sit next to her harasser during and after its three-month-long investigation, even after concluding that he broke the business’s harassment policy, she said, while suggesting that Nietfeld seek counseling, work remotely, or take a leave of absence.
It’s not the first time Google has come under fire over comparable cultural and equity concerns.
Numerous former Google workers stated that the business told them to take psychological health leave when they experienced sexism and bigotry. Oher employees and investors have submitted lawsuits accusing Google of gender pay bias, retaliation versus whistleblowers, and mishandling significant sexual harassment events including top executives.
Nietfeld stated Google didn’t appear to do much in the method of reprimanding her harasser, and after suffering through weeks of bad sleep and emotional distress at work, she took three months of paid leave. Nietfeld stated she returned just to deal with retaliation from another manager, get passed over for promo, have her pay cut, and have Google make a “meager counteroffer” when two completing task offers came up.
Not in the way I loved Google. I fell for the dream that it could be,” Nietfeld wrote.Join the discussion about this story” NOW WATCH: Why Pikes Peak is the most unsafe racetrack in America
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