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PEOPLE’S RELATIONSHIP with work is complex. For all the complaining about the tedium and bureaucracy, the power-crazed employers and recalcitrant associates, people require the security of a job. A century of research study has shown that unemployment is bad for mental health, causing anxiety, stress and anxiety and minimized self-esteem. Typically, it has an even greater impact than divorce.
A recent paper by the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge University took the chance of the pandemic to analyze the effect of reduced working hours on well-being. “We discovered that individuals working lowered working hours or being furloughed do not have poorer mental health,” the authors conclude.

What was especially surprising is how little work was required to keep individuals delighted. The threshold for excellent mental health was just one day a week– after that, it appeared to make little distinction to individuals’ well-being if they worked 8 hours or 48 hours a week. The boost from working clearly comes from the …
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