Former Parler CEO John Matze has taken legal action against the social-media website and conservative megadonor Rebekah Mercer, accusing them of wrongly ousting him and taking his 40%stake thumbnail


Summary List PlacementParler has been sued by its previous CEO John Matze.
Matze claimed in the lawsuit,, submitted Monday in Nevada, that he was mistakenly ousted in January after he proposed stricter content-moderation guidelines for the social-media website, which is popular with the far-right.
The fit also declared that conservative megadonor Rebekah Mercer, who heads Parler’s board, and other senior staff conspired to take Matze’s 40%stake in the business and used the platform to advance her own political interests.
Mercer, who currently owned a 60%stake in the website, “sought to co-opt [Parler] as a sign or as the ‘pointer of the spear’ for her brand name of conservatism, and plotted to require Matze out,” the suit stated.
Matze is seeking “millions” in offsetting damages.
The Las Vegas Sun initially reported on the news.
Expert got in touch with Parler for comment, however did not immediately get a response.
Parler, which became a haven for reactionary activity due to the fact that of its lax stance on moderating content, came under fire during the January Capitol riots, when users cheered on the protestors or called for more violence. After the siege, Parler was booted offline by its previous web host Amazon Web Solutions, and shunned by other tech giants, including Apple and Google..
AWS said that the site “positions a really genuine threat to public safety” and declined to eliminate content that incited violence. Parler denied this..
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The brand-new filing claimed Matze proposed new content-moderation policies that would have banned posts that incited violence while still supporting complimentary speech. His concepts were shunned by Parler’s board, who rather wished to use the site for their own political interests, the fit stated.
” Matze’s proposition was met dead silence, which he required a rejection of his proposition,” the fit said.
The suit declared that Matze was then “suddenly ousted in offense of the law and public policy.”.
According to the match, Jeffrey Wernick, the business’s chief running officer, called Matze on January 28 and “threatened him with monetary mess up” and an “avalanche of legal claims” if he did not instantly resign.
This was at the “clear and obvious direction of Mercer,” the match stated.
After Matze refused to resign, he was fired “without factor,” the claim stated.
Matze declares Parler took his 40%stake.
The claim also implicated the accuseds of the “managed theft” of Matze’s 40%stake in Parler.
The suit said Mercer had informed Matze that Parler must be valued at “a minimum of” $1 billion, and that she knew Matze’s stake was worth “multi-million dollars.”.
However the offenders told Matze after he was ousted that his 40%stake was just worth $3, the fit declared.
Parler’s operating contract enabled the forced sale and purchase of Matze’s stake, according to the fit. The fit said that the defendants shared out the 40%stake amongst themselves after Matze was fired– it didn’t specifically state just how much Matze was paid.
” This plan is epitomized by oppression, fraud and malice, for which Matze is entitled to compensatory damages trebling (at a minimum) the millions that he is owed in compensatory damages,” the match stated.
The fit names Parler, Mercer, Wernick, interim CEO Mark Meckler, and right-wing personality Dan Bongino, who is accused of making misconduct claims versus Matze, as defendants.
Earlier this month, Parler filed a brand-new claim versus Amazon, alleging that the tech giant had actually breached its agreement with Parler when it took the website offline. The site is now back online with webhosting SkySilk.Join the conversation about this story” NOW SEE: Why electric planes haven’t taken off yet
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