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Summary List PlacementMyPillow CEO Mike Lindell stated he expects to lose $65 million in pillow profits this year following merchant boycotts over his claims that the 2020 election was rigged.
Those losses, Lindell informed Insider in an interview Monday after being served with a character assassination claim from Dominion Ballot Systems looking for $1.3 billion in damages, is evidence that he isn’t pushing election scams claims for the cash.
Lindell told Expert. Don’t try and twist this.”.
The 121- page claim declares the pillow magnate utilized conspiracy theories about the election to turbocharge sales for his business, utilizing conspiratorial phrases as discount codes and placing expensive advertisements with like-minded media outlets.
” Lindell– a talented salesman and previous expert card counter– sells the lie to this day since the lie sells pillows,” Tom Clare, the character assassination attorney representing Dominion Voting Systems, composed in the claim.
Dominion says Lindell used election conspiracy theories as a method to sell more pillows.
Lindell has actually been an ardent fan of former President Donald Trump for years. A previous fracture addict and expert bettor, he credits his business’s success to his aggressive advertising technique, which pressed MyPillow’s earnings to over $300 million in2019
According to Rule’s suit, that advertising strategy involves linking his individual brand and that of his company into conservative media to juice sales.
MyPillow has actually spent 10s of countless dollars advertising on pro-Trump media outlets like Fox News and Newsmax– both likewise targets of litigation over election frauds. After Donald Trump lost the election in November, Lindell incorrectly declared Rule rigged the election. MyPillow sponsored a “March for Trump” tour (which was actually a bus) where Lindell spoke at rallies declaring the election was taken.
Rule alleges in the claim that the conspiracy theories are a platform for Lindell to offer more pillows.
” After hitting the jackpot with Donald Trump’s recommendation for MyPillow and after a million-dollar bet on Fox News ads had paid handsome returns, Michael Lindell made use of another opportunity to enhance sales: marketing MyPillow to individuals who would tune in and go to rallies to hear Lindell inform the ‘Huge Lie’ that Rule had stolen the 2020 election,” Clare composed.

Lindell told Expert that MyPillow’s marketing technique is distinct from his individual politics. He said MyPillow has advertising and sponsorship handle the similarity CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, and the New York City Times– all outlets he isn’t a fan of– along with around 5,000 podcasts and radio and TV stations.
” I advertise everywhere. And every area either breaks even or earns money,” he said.
An agent for the Times told Insider it last ran MyPillow advertisements in2015 The other media outlets Lindell called didn’t right away respond to requests for remark.
Lindell dismissed the idea that he had some “preconceived plan” to make money by declaring Dominion and Smartmatic, a rival election innovation company likewise linked in conspiracy theories, rigged the governmental election. He stated that the retailer boycott from brand names like Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond has actually cost him tens of countless dollars in income.
” Those stores combined did $65 million in business in 2015. And now I won’t have them this year, or any year,” he said. “They’re done.”.
Lindell states he’s just attempting to conserve America.
Following the January 6 insurrection, where a pro-Trump mob looked for to stop Congress from licensing the election results, Lindell just doubled down on election scams claims.
He met Trump in the Oval Workplace, taking notes with him suggesting the president should declare martial law. He continued to push the theories in media looks and moneyed a two-hour “docu-movie” based upon them called “Outright Proof.” He, like Trump before him, was eventually banned from Twitter.
He says he freely welcomes the claim from Rule he’s facing now, saying they would use him an avenue to prove his claims of a rigged election.
” I more than happy that I got served the documents today,” Lindell said.
To boost its claims that Lindell tied election conspiracy theories to MyPillow sales, Rule’s lawsuit consists of a lots pages of social networks users saying they’re buying MyPillow products to support Lindell’s election falsehoods.
” Mike Lindell is a true Patriot and an American hero for standing up for the reality. “The mypillow man is being assaulted by wicked leftists.

Dominion’s claim also claims Lindell used discount rate codes on his website that connected into right-wing conspiracy theories, consisting of utilizing “FightforTrump” as a discount rate code while Trump supporters literally combated officers at the Capitol, and “Evidence” after relaying his “docu-movie.”.
But Lindell said advertising partners made those discount rate codes. “FightforTrump,” for instance, was from a podcaster MyPillow worked with– among the numerous radio hosts with which MyPillow has sponsorship offers.
He stated that controversies over advertising typically increased sales for his business, but that boycotts given that January appear to be causing long-lasting damage to pillow sales.
” When I’m boycotted, individuals tend to purchase more pillows– a minimum of in the short-term,” Lindell told Expert. “I constantly get a little lift for a couple of days when they assault the company. And now this time is various.”.

In spite of the damage to his business, Lindell is prepared to progress with his claims, so he can, he said, “conserve the country” from the pernicious impact of Communism. He said he doesn’t believe individuals demanding merchants to boycott MyPillow are real, claiming they’re bots.
” I’m not a foolish person. I have a big business that I developed from scratch. I’m an ex-addict, and I’m not going to pull back from some big billion-dollar company that’s trying to take our nation,” he stated..
” All I desire is this election now. I do not care just how much money it costs me,” he added.
Lindell’s claims about the election are unverified.
Most recently, Lindell went back to the spotlight after releasing a self-made documentary called “Absolute Evidence,” which purports that in some states, citizen disturbance triggered states to “turn” from then-President Donald Trump to now-President Joe Biden.
One information table in the film, for instance, states almost 200,000 votes from Wisconsin were poorly marked as absentee ballots and need to therefore have actually been counted differently– even though multiple state and federal judges, including one appointed by Trump, approved the counting of those votes.
The “docu-movie” also declares that several nations, consisting of China, Iran, and the UK, were complicit in creating election inconsistencies..

It’s not clear where the data displayed in “Outright Evidence” is from. Lindell declares it came from “spyware the federal government has” and was rendered by a “mega computer system” into charts and graphs. Federal companies have said the 2020 election was “the most safe and secure in history,” and judges have thrown away dozens of suits challenging election results, finding no proof of irregularities.
According to Lindell, “Absolute Proof” has actually been viewed more than 110 million times, though he decreased to offer evidence for those viewership numbers. This year’s Super Bowl had around 96 million audiences.
Lindell told Insider that he is not interested in Dominion’s suit versus him, stating he has “bigger fish to fry” and “much bigger things” that he’s working on. He stated he’s got a “massive group” of legal representatives working on the case, and he already has all the evidence needed to prove his case.
” This is going to go to the Supreme Court. And when it does, it’ll be a nine-zero vote that our nation was attacked,” Lindell said. “And after that all the media outlets will lastly come and go, wow, ‘Mike, you understand what? You were right the whole time.'” Join the conversation about this story” NOW ENJOY: Inside London throughout COVID-19 lockdown
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