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IF COMPANY HAD a Moses, “Thou shalt link pay to efficiency” would be on his tablet. Worried that this may lead managers to adopt a mentality of “heads we win, tails investors lose”, boards are reconsidering their priorities– partly in action to pressure from regulators and investors, however likewise to moving social winds. Still, procedures developed to guarantee that misbehavior does not pay are becoming central to the argument about how to craft managers’ wage strategies.
The most striking change of current years has actually been the rise of the “clawback”. This is an arrangement in pay plans that gives the board the right (or, less typically, a responsibility) to yank bonus offers or stock awards given however later found to be unjustly made. A model, consisted of in America’s Sarbanes-Oxley reforms of 2002, needed retrieving pay from presidents and chief financial officers whose sins triggered accounting restatements. The concept gained traction after the international monetary crisis. The European Union mandated recouping cash from wayward lenders. In America Congress informed regulators to craft a brand-new clawback guideline. While they mulled this, …
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