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THE SCRAMBLE to energize motoring resembles a vehicle race. Days earlier Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), an Indian-owned company based in Britain, announced that the swank Jaguar brand would end up being completely electrical by2025 In January General Motors (GM) promised it would make only zero-emissions cars and trucks after2035
Nobody is dedicating more resources to electrification than Volkswagen Group, says Herbert Diess, the German giant’s employer. The company prepares to spend around EUR73 bn ($88 bn) over the next five years on battery power and digitisation, he states. “The competitors is now taking the same decisions,” Mr Diess keeps in mind, alluding to rival firms’ pledges.

Amongst the old guard, vw is certainly firmly in the driving seat. A fifth of the millions of vehicles it offers will be electric by2025 Some analysts believe that already VW will churn out more electric automobiles than Tesla, today’s market leader. Mr Diess is more scrupulous. A year …
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