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THE HINDU pantheon of gods has no lack of deities with several arms. A long infatuation with main preparation changed state-run organization into a sprawling commercial empire incorporating 5%of the economy. Earnings as a portion of incomes are just over 1%at state-run companies, compared with 7-9%for the private sector.
In 2016 the Indian government under the then newish administration of Narendra Modi examined the 331 firms under central-government control. It prepared a list of 28 that it believed could be offered without controversy. The most popular were Air India, the flag carrier, steel- and cement-makers, huge energy business, a hotel operator and a variety of entities whose time had passed, such as Scooters India (which last produced a scooter in 1997).

In January Scooters India did fall off the list– by finally shutting down. State energy business have actually fallen …
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