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IF A FOOTBALL match is played but no fans watch it, either in the stands or on tv, did it actually happen? It is likewise existential, in another method, for French football clubs. Groups that as soon as feared transfer now worry about bankruptcy.
This year France’s Ligue 1 had hoped to begin its journey to the European elite. The national group won the most recent World Cup, the domestic champion in which numerous of its stars compete is, economically speaking, beat by richer leagues in England, Germany, Italy and Spain. A whopper broadcasting deal starting this season, worth over EUR1bn ($ 1.2 bn) a year, up by 60%on the previous plan, would help it level the playing field.

The deal proved too huge a whopper even for Mediapro, the Spanish broadcasting group with Chinese backers that bought most of the matches. The channel it had established to show Ligue 1 clashes attracted couple of punters. Gone for cash, it made simply one quarterly instalment in August, then stopped paying totally. By December the contract was voided.
On February 1st an auction was held to change Mediapro. No …
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