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GOTTLIEB DAIMLER and Carl Benz built the world’s very first motor vehicles at the exact same time in 1886, not far apart in Germany. Their names have actually been tied together since a merger of their companies in1926 Daimler is the parent company of Mercedes-Benz. The two guys never ever met. Possibly they would not have actually minded that on February 3rd it was announced that their names would go their different methods.
A bulk stake in Daimler Truck, the group’s lorry-and-bus business, will be spun off to existing shareholders and listed in Frankfurt later on this year. The luxury-car arm, to be relabelled Mercedes-Benz, will keep a minority stake.

The split is a recognition that making automobiles and lorries are not the exact same company. Car purchasers care about brands, styling and luxurious interiors.
Splitting likewise has the benefit of giving financiers a clear choice in between which service they favour. It might unlock …
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