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Ice melt is a vital part of your winter season inventory if you live anywhere it snows.
Quality ice melts work quickly, keep ice from refreezing, work in temperature levels well listed below zero, and will not damage your residential or commercial property (or the environment)..
Green Gobbler’s 96%Pure Calcium Chloride Snow & Ice Melt is the alternative that fits most people’s requirements. It handles ice in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, can be utilized in solid kind or combined with warm water to produce an ice-blasting spray, and is much easier on concrete than a number of its competitors.

Shovels, snowblowers, and rakes may look after snow, however they’re no match for ice. While it’s up to you whether or not to salt your driveway, cities typically require locals to keep the general public walkways in front of their residences safe and ice-free to avoid slip-and-fall accidents.
Despite your location’s population density, if you live anywhere it happens to snow, it’s constantly a great concept to have some ice melt on hand.
We’ve looked into lots of snow and ice melts to bring you our top 5 suggestions based upon efficiency in extreme temperature levels, adaptability, cost, pet-friendliness, and ecological effect. For more details on the different salts utilized in ice melts, and which ones are best matched to your particular needs and climate, check out our explainer here..
Here are the best snow and ice melts in2021

Best total: Green Gobbler 96%Pure Calcium Chloride Snow & Ice Melt Pellets.
Finest with color: Blue Heat Snow and Ice Melter.
Best on a budget: Snow Joe Expert Strength Calcium Chloride Pellets.
Best for long-lasting coverage: Pellets of Fire Snow & Ice Melter.
Best for family pets and the environment: Play Safe Ice Blocker.

Upgraded on 02/01/2021: A lot of our choices are out of stock due to seasonal demand, however The Home Depot can still deliver 9-pound containers of Pellets of Fire’s Calcium Chloride Pellets depending on where you live, and Snow Joe’s Expert Strength Calcium Chloride Snow and Ice Melt is currently available on Amazon. We will be updating this post to show changing inventory..
The best general.

Whether you reside in an arctic tundra or a location that just gets a periodic snowfall, the Green Gobbler 96%Pure Calcium Chloride Snow & Ice Melt Pellets will work quickly to make your driveway and pathway safer.
Pros: Melts ice in temperature levels as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, acts rapidly, has a range of alternate uses.
Cons: Has difficulty with thick ice, can damage plants and turf if overused.
There are a couple of functions that make the Green Gobbler 96%Pure Calcium Chloride Snow & Ice Melt Pellets unique. Of the many types of ice melters, calcium chloride is reliable in the most affordable temperatures. Green Gobbler declares its pellets work in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Secondly, you can utilize this melter in solid kind or mix it with warm water (2.5 pounds of pellets per gallon of water) to create a sprayable defense against ice.
As I was investigating ice melting salts for individual usage, Green Gobbler sent me pellets to test, but sadly, they got here a number of days after our only considerable snowfall up until now that season, and I ‘d already eliminated the snow and ice. However I was impressed with how rapidly it melted the staying snow when I used just a very little quantity.
The pail did feature the wrong label on it. Instead of ice melt, it mentioned that the product was “Dust Down Pro.” The components, nevertheless, were the very same. Calcium chloride is a multi-use item that is also reliable for keeping the dust down along unpaved drives, so when winter season is over, you may think about utilizing your leftover pellets for dust control.
The best with color.

If you have a tough time informing where you have and have not spread salt, the blue color of Blue Heat Snow and Ice Melter will help.
Pros: Light-blue tint for easy visibility, reliable in temperature levels as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit, acts quickly.
Cons: Hazardous to family pets if consumed.
In addition to its blue coloration, Blue Heat Snow and Ice Melter is unique since it consists of a blend of salts: calcium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and ferric chloride.
We weren’t able to discover the particular percentages of each, however at least at one time, the label listed the calcium chloride content as 52%, which is enough to reduce the minimum efficient temperature level of these pellets to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.
Given That Blue Heat is a mix, it shows the benefits of each of the specific salts while decreasing possible damage to concrete, plants, and animals. And, the pigmentation assists you prevent spreading melter in areas where it could be damaging.
The best on a budget plan.

The Snow Joe Specialist Strength Calcium Chloride Pellets offer an excellent balance between cost, flexibility, and efficiency.
Pros: Budget-friendly, numerous usages, efficient in temps as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.
Cons: Seals on bags are often ineffective.
Like our top pick, the Snow Joe Calcium Chloride Pellets are nearly totally consisted of pure calcium chloride. The concentration is just slightly lower at 94%rather of 96%. So, Snow Joe just ranks it as efficient to -25 degrees Fahrenheit, which ought to be excellent enough for just about anywhere.
The pellets are developed to produce heat for up to 24 hours upon entering into contact with snow and ice. Cost per pound, it’s likewise the most budget-friendly alternative on our list. The resealable bag is likewise user-friendly and easy to shop, however, it might come loose, so you might want to purchase a lidded bucket to contain the pellets after opening the bag.
The very best for long-lasting coverage.

The Pellets of Fire Snow & Ice Melter eliminates frozen water from a variety of surfaces and keeps it dry for days.
Pros: A bit goes a long way, works on numerous surface types, prevents refreezing.
Cons: Harmful to pets, the lid of the pail is a bit troublesome to open and may show up broken.
The Pellets of Fire Snow & Ice Melter is made by Dart Seasonal Products of New Jersey, which likewise makes Blue Heat. The main differences between them are Pellets of Fire isn’t blue, and has a much greater CaCl2 material (as much as 90%) according to its Material Safety Data Sheet. This makes it efficient at lower temperature levels: -25 degrees Fahrenheit and above.
Expense per pound, it’s a little costly, however you do not require to utilize as much to have as strong of a result as other salts. It sticks around to prevent refreezing and gets the task done even when used in little amounts.
Simply utilize caution when around family pets as the pellets may trigger discomfort for dogs if it gets stuck in their paws.
The very best for family pets and the environment.

If you are searching for a salt that goes simple on your concrete and lorries, and won’t hurt pets, Play Safe’s Ice Blocker is your best choice.
Pros: More environmentally-friendly than the majority of salts, efficiently melts ice, 100%complete satisfaction warranty.
Cons: Expensive, might still cause mild inflammation to dogs’ paws, does not work well in extreme cold.
Play Safe’s Ice Blocker is different from our other alternatives in that it doesn’t consist of calcium chloride. Rather, it’s generally made from calcium magnesium acetate, which is understood for being a more environmentally-friendly salt.
However, it’s more of an ice-preventer and isn’t very reliable in temperature levels below -15 degrees Fahrenheit.
It can be found in an user-friendly jug and the natural components reduce damage to concrete, metal, and cars.
And, if you require an appropriate ice melt in a pinch, consider the next-best alternative, Road Runner’s Pet-Friendly Ice Melt. Just keep in mind that while it won’t cause pet dogs as much pain as other options, it might still irritate their paws, so use it with caution.
How to choose the right ice melt.
There are basically six different salts that are utilized as ice melt. Each has its pros and cons. The majority of brands utilize a mix of 2 or more salts, however the right type of salt will depend on the environment you live in and how you plan on using it.
Here are the primary types of salts and what they are good for:.

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is one of the most popular options due to the fact that it works quickly in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The issue is it can harm plants and grass if you utilize excessive.
Magnesium chloride is considered eco-friendly and better than a lot of for usage around animals. It lowers water’s freezing point to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. The drawback is that it might harm your concrete, asphalt, and plants.
Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) is less corrosive than salts with chloride, however it’s just efficient in temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit and above.
Rock salt is fantastic because it’s economical, but it’s bothersome in a variety of methods: it’s harming to almost any surface, deadly if animals ingest it, and does not operate in low temps.
Potassium chloride is thought about more secure for family pets however is bad for plants and turf, and just works in temperatures 25 degrees Fahrenheit and above.
Urea/carbonyl diamide is probably the most safe alternative for pets and the environment, however it isn’t extremely efficient when utilized for de-icing.

Based on our research, calcium chloride is the best salt in general, though it’s an excellent idea to blend things up over the course of the season. Make a point of just applying the salt in the exact spots where you desire to remove snow and ice.
After it has actually done the job, get rid of any salt that is left over. This will lessen damaging overflow and threats to family pets and kids.
Will ice melt destroy my driveway?
Filling your driveway with salt is undoubtedly going to do some damage, however one method you can ameliorate the damage is by avoiding using ice melt which contains rock salt and/or calcium chloride, which respond with concrete and make it flake.
Is ice melt safe for animals?
Ice melt can harm animals’ paws, and if you have an animal (or someone whose pet might go into the vicinity), it’s best to utilize a calcium-chloride-free pet-safe option like Play Safe Ice Blocker, which we advise above.
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