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Summary List PlacementDemocrats are promoting a $15 federal minimum wage, over double the existing rate of $7.25(which was enacted in 2009).
Under the proposed wage boost, nearly 32 million Americans– 21%of America’s overall workforce– would get a raise, according to a report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). As Insider’s Grace Dean reported, the raise would benefit almost one-third of Black employees, and 6 out of 10 working ladies. In general, 23%of those who would gain from the raise are Latino and Black females.
And nearly half of the households who would be affected by the raise count on at least one safety net program. Higher earnings would provide more relief for families. According to the EPI report, increases to the minimum wage reduce kid abuse and teenage pregnancy, and improve baby health.
The relief to households would likewise result in some relief for safeguard programs. A research study from the UC Berkeley Labor Center discovered that almost half of families who would see a pay bump depend on at least one such program like SNAP or Medicaid, and $100 billion in taxpayer cash goes towards those households. A higher base pay would both put more cash in households’ pockets, and offer some relief for those programs as those families would rely on them less..
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How far $15 would really go.
The worth of $15 really depends on where you live. It is more costly to live in some states than others.
To take a look at just how much $15 deserves throughout the US, we can utilize regional rate parities from the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis. According to the BEA site, this “allows contrasts of purchasing power” amongst different places in the US. That is, we can take a look at how pricey items and services remain in a state or city, relative to average nationwide rates..
Based on 2019 data, the most recent year readily available, 17 states have local cost parities above the national average. That is, Hawaii’s state cost level is 19.3%greater than the general nationwide average and $15 would actually be worth $12 In Florida, which is slowly raising its minimum wage to $15 by 2026, the value of $15 is $14
The following map shows what $15 truly suggests where you live, based on an adjusted worth utilizing regional rate parities..

Among the states and DC, the rate level in Delaware is closest to the nationwide average. The worth of $15 in that state is $1509.
” In the most costly states expenses are 15%-20?ove the national average, while these expenses are 15%-20%lower than average in the most budget-friendly states,” Felix Koenig, assistant teacher of economics at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College informed Insider in an email. Koenig stated that implied that $1 “buys roughly 40%more in the cheapest states compared to investing it in the most costly state.”.
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Koenig likewise kept in mind that cost of living changes in time and “inflation normally increases living costs and thus deteriorates the value of the [minimum wage] throughout the years.”.
” How much workers will gain from $15[minimum wage] therefore depends upon how quickly this policy is introduced, just how much costs increase in the meantime, and how frequently it gets uprated in subsequent years,” Koenig stated.
In spite of the varying cost of living throughout the nation, a $15 per hour minimum wage would help millions of workers, and the Economic Policy Institute composes that the average affected worker who works year-round would receive “an additional $3,300 a year.”.
And EPI notes about 3 in 5, or 59%, of “employees whose total household earnings is listed below the poverty line would get a pay increase if the base pay were raised to $15 by 2025.”.
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A $15 minimum wage as an income flooring, not ceiling.
Even with some states being more costly to live in, one economic expert stated having a federal flooring is a great start.
” I really think our present system is appropriate: we set a federal floor, and then states can set salaries above that. The federal flooring is the outright minimum an employer should be allowed to pay somebody for an hour’s worth of labor,” Ben Zipperer, a financial expert with EPI, composed in an email to Insider. “In reality, EPI’s Household Budget plan Calculator shows that this year a single grownup in practically every location of the country will need a minimum of $15 per hour in salaries in order to make ends meet.”.
And even the Raise the Wage Act would just incrementally increase the minimum wage over time; it would not reach $15 an hour until 2025.50 from $7.
Someone working full-time at $9.50 an hour would make $19,760 an year– nearly $7,000 above the poverty line for a single-person household. SEE ALSO: How Bernie Sanders wishes to make the $15 base pay a reality– whatever occurs with Joe Biden’s stimulus.
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