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EDIEAL PINKER, deputy dean of the Yale School of Management, bristles at the suggestion that the MBA, long viewed as a stepping stone to corporate success, has actually been earned less relevant by the covid-19 crisis. The standard two-year degree remains vital, he firmly insists. “Do you believe the problems the pandemic created for society and the economy are narrow specialised issues or intricate ones that cut across sectors and disciplines?”
His words would have sounded odd a year ago. The MBA was falling out of style. With the global economy growing, the opportunity cost of this pricey degree (top schools charge $100,000 or more a year) did not seem worthwhile to lots of. Some schools could not cover their expenditures. In 2019 the University of Illinois stated it would end its domestic MBA program. Dozens of middling schools have actually done the same recently.

Certainly Mr Pinker’s defence of the MBA seems even odder in the brand-new pandemic truth? Has covid-19 conserved the MBA?
At first the infection looked deadly. Lectures moved online, team exercises ended up being …
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