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Summary List PlacementSelena Gomez emailed Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg in September 2020 to caution of US militia groups operating on the social media in spite of a ban.
The starlet and vocalist this week shared those emails with the AP, expressing frustration in an interview that tech platforms did not do enough to punish extremist speech ahead of the United States Capitol riots.
She informed the AP: “It isn’t about me versus you, one political party versus another. This has to do with reality versus lies and Facebook, Instagram and huge tech companies have to stop allowing lies to simply stream and pretend to be the truth.
” Facebook continues to allow harmful lies about vaccines and COVID and the US election, and neo-Nazi groups are selling racist items through Instagram.”.
According to the AP, Gomez composed in her September email to Sandberg: “[A] search for a militia group ‘3 Percenters’ results in dozens of pages, groups and videos concentrated on people hoping and preparing for civil war, and there are lots of groups entitled ‘white lives matter’ that have plenty of hate and lies that might lead to individuals being injured or, even worse, eliminated.”.

Insider previously reported that the Three Percenters formed in 2008, per the Anti-Defamation League. Its name stems from the myth that only 3%of colonists battled throughout the Revolutionary War. The group’s members see themselves as modern-day versions of those revolutionaries.
Gomez’s email came in spite of Facebook prohibiting or restricting militia groups in August.
The actress likewise took Sandberg, who oversees Facebook’s ad organization, to job over lies in advertisements. The firm does not fact-check lies in political ads.
” I can’t believe you can’t inspect ads before you take money, and if you can’t you should not be making money from it,” she composed. “You’re not simply not doing anything. You’re moneying in from evil.”.
AP said Sandberg responded by indicating the truth Facebook had actually eliminated millions of posts for hate speech and had actually gotten rid of divisive ads.
Facebook has been on the defensive after the US Capitol riots on January 6, which saw pro-Trump rioters storm the structure and which left five dead. The rioters had planned their activities openly on social networks for weeks, on Facebook in addition to other platforms.
Sandberg publicly declared today the riots had largely been prepared off Facebook, stating: “These occasions were mainly arranged on platforms that don’t have our abilities to stop hate, and do not have our requirements, and don’t have our openness.” Sign up with the discussion about this story” NOW VIEW: Why thoroughbred horse semen is the world’s most pricey liquid
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