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Andrew Yang formally revealed his candidacy for New York City mayor in a video posted online Wednesday night.

Summary List PlacementYang, 46, gets in the sprawling field of the Huge Apple’s mayoral race as the prospect with the most national name acknowledgment following his 2020 presidential quote..
In his campaign video, Yang sings the praises of New York, strolling through the districts as he states the connections he and his better half, Evelyn, a Queens native, share in the city.
Seeing our City in so much discomfort breaks my heart. Let’s fight for a future New York City that we can be proud of– together. Join us at
The son of Taiwanese immigrants, Yang matured in the Upstate New york city of Schenectady prior to his household moved downstate to Somers, a Hudson Valley town about an hour north of Manhattan..
Yang recounts his desire to go to the city as much as possible growing up in the introduction of the video.
” New york city City constantly felt like the center of the universe,” Yang states. “I grew up an hour north and came into the city with my bro whenever I could.”.
After touting his underdog presidential project built around universal fundamental earnings, Yang laments the decreased state of the city after more than 25,000 coronavirus deaths and a nose dive in tourist brought about by the pandemic.
” Seeing my city the method it is now breaks my heart,” Yang says.
Yang will face a substantially elevated level of media analysis compared to when he ran for president, with opponents currently taking on his choice to spend parts of the pandemic in New Paltz, a Hudson Valley college town where he bought a house 5 years earlier.
In a statement to Insider previously this week, Yang stated he has been between the upstate house, his two-bedroom apartment or condo in Manhattan, and on the campaign path.
” Over the in 2015 I’ve spent my time just about evenly across NYC, where my kids and unique requirements son are enrolled in school, upstate, so my kids could spend more time outside in the depths of the first wave, and in Georgia, where I’m happy to have actually burnt the midnight oil to elect my pals Reverend Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the Senate.”.
The June 22 main will be the very first in the city’s history with ranked-choice ballot. Citizens will be able to pick their leading 5 prospects in order, with the winner emerging from either an outright bulk on the very first count or the best number of votes after the field is whittled down in what’s referred to as an “instant runoff” system.
Two main components of Yang’s project will be his proposition for a “people’s bank” in New york city along with “the biggest standard earnings program in the country.” The direct payment program would offer families residing in “severe hardship with an average of $2,000 per year,” according to Yang’s project site.
Yang likewise kept it light in his announcement video, saying he now supports the Brooklyn Nets after being a longtime advocate of the perennially mediocre New York Knicks..
” We’ll reopen smartly to restore our extraordinary culture,” Yang says in his closing pitch. “Possibly we can even conserve the Knicks.” Sign up with the discussion about this story” NOW WATCH: Here’s what it resembles to take a trip during the coronavirus outbreak
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