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Summary List PlacementJeff Bezos is referred to as the creator, CEO, and president of Amazon and as one of the web age’s greatest success stories.
Nevertheless, before ending up being the wealthiest individual on the planet, Bezos came from modest starts. The child of a teenage mom and absent dad, Bezos showed pledge at an early age. After finishing from Princeton University and leaving his financing career, Bezos launched Amazon from his garage in Seattle.
As he celebrates his birthday on January 12, here are 13 things you most likely didn’t learn about Jeff Bezos.SEE ALSO: ‘ Amazon’ wasn’t the initial name of Jeff Bezos’ company, and 14 other little-known realities about the early days of Amazon.
His mother, Jacklyn Bezos, gave birth to him when she was a teenager.

According to CNBC, Bezos, then Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen, was hardly 17 years of ages and a junior in high school when she brought to life her son in1964 At the time, her high school administrators informed her she would not be allowed to finish her education there..
After she was allowed to return under strict conditions, Jacklyn Bezos finished and later separated from Jeff Bezos’ biological dad, Ted Jorgensen, after less than a year of marriage. Jeff Bezos was simply over a year old at the time. She struggled to make ends meet while working as a secretary and, at one point, didn’t even have sufficient income to afford a phone, CNBC reported.
Identified to make life much better for her and her child, Bezos enrolled in college classes with professors who allowed her to bring her infant along. It was there that she met and ultimately married Mike Bezos, a Cuban immigrant who would provide Jeff Bezos his surname and step in as his dad.
Bezos’ biological dad was once a circus performer.

According to the 2013 bio of Jeff Bezos by Brad Stone, “The Whatever Shop: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon,” the now-billionaire’s biological dad was a unicyclist and circus entertainer.
When Stone tracked down Jorgensen to interview him for his biography, he had supposedly not seen his son in years and had not recognized he was his biological father. Jorgensen reached out to his kid and the 2 apologized, with Bezos telling him “he harbored no ill will towards Jorgensen at all,” according to Stone.
Ted Jorgensen died March 16, 2015, at the age of71
Bezos had an interest in how things work and engineering even as a kid.

When Bezos was a young child, he apparently felt he was “too old” to oversleep a crib and handled to take it apart with a screwdriver all by himself. By the time he entered high school, Bezos had changed his home garage into a lab for his own innovations, Harvard Service School composed, mentioning Angela Duckworth’s “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.”.
He started his very first company when he remained in high school.

While he remained in high school, Bezos released his very first company, an instructional summer season camp for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders called the Dream Institute. According to Insider, Bezos and his sweetheart at the time both dealt with the camp and charged its six attendees $600 per individual.
Prior to starting the camp, Bezos also operated at McDonald’s for a summer season.
Bezos dealt with Wall Street in the early 1990 s.

After finishing from Princeton University with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering, Bezos worked at several monetary firms on Wall Street in New York City City, including Fitel and financial investment company D.E. Shaw, Expert previously reported.
Bezos worked his method as much as become D.E. Shaw’s youngest vice president in 1990 but left four years later on to introduce an online book shop.
Bezos founded Amazon in his garage.

After releasing a model of the Amazon website and asking 300 friends to beta test it, Bezos and a few early staff members began establishing software application for the website in Bezos’ garage. The area was so small that Bezos was required to convene at a regional Barnes & Noble, according to Insider. The little group later on broadened their operations and began working out of a two-bedroom house.
Jeff Bezos’ better half, MacKenzie Bezos, also played a large role in the founding of Amazon during the business’s early years. After the couple separated in 2019 after 25 years of marital relationship, MacKenzie Bezos received 25%of the couple’s stock in Amazon, which deserved about $38 billion at the time.
Jeff Bezos practically named his business “Cadabra” rather of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos initially wished to provide his company the more magical-sounding name but was alerted versus doing so by Amazon’s very first attorney, Todd Tarbert, according to a previous article by Insider.
Tarbert discussed that the name “Cadabra” sounded a little too comparable to “cadaver,” especially over the phone. In the end, the creator and future billionaire opted for Amazon, called after the biggest river in the world due to the fact that he was constructing the biggest book shop worldwide.
Bezos was a passenger in a helicopter crash in2003

While onboard an Aérospatiale Gazelle helicopter with his attorney, guide Ty Holland, and pilot Charles Bella, Bezos was involved in a severe helicopter crash in west Texas after wind blew the helicopter off course.
According to Insider, the helicopter landed upside-down in a creek and partly filled with water. Bella, Bezos, and Holland all got away the wreck with only small injuries. Bezos’ attorney, Elizabeth Korrell, suffered a broken vertebra from the accident.
” Prevent helicopters whenever possible,” Bezos told Fast Business in2004 “They’re not as trusted as fixed-wing airplane.”.
Bezos is the owner of the Washington Post.

Bezos acquired the paper company in 2013 for $250 million. At the time, Bezos’ net worth was approximated to be over $25 billion. Immediately following the purchase, The Post Business shares rose 5.5%in after-hours trading..
Under Bezos’ ownership, the once-struggling newspaper turned a profit in 2016, 2017, and 2018, according to CNN.
The billionaire also runs his own privately funded spaceship business, Blue Origin.

The aerospace maker and sub-orbital spaceflight services business was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Kent, Washington, which is also Bezos’ house state..
” Blue Origin believes that in order to preserve Earth, our house, for our grandchildren’s grandchildren, we must go to space to tap its unlimited resources and energy,” the company’s objective declaration checks out.
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Bezos had a cameo role in “Star Trek Beyond.”.

Bezos played an alien in the 2016 motion picture reboot, and reportedly made rather an impression on set, with movie star Chris Pine stating the CEO showed up to set with three limousines and accompanied by nine bodyguards..
” For years, I have actually been pleading Paramount, which is owned by Viacom, to let me be in a ‘Star Trek’ movie. I was very relentless, and you can imagine the bad director who got the call, you understand, ‘You have to let Bezos be in your “Star Trek” motion picture,'” Bezos stated at the 2016 Pathfinder Awards at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.
He ended up being a self-made billionaire in 1999 at 35 years old.

The exact same year that Bezos very first registered on the Forbes Billionaires list, Amazon’s headquarters was on the very same street as a pawn shop and an adult film store, according to CNBC.
Because the turn of the centuries, Bezos’ net worth has dramatically grown …
In August 2020, Bezos became the very first individual in modern-day history to build up a fortune of over $200 billion.

Since January 12, 2021, he’s worth $1817 billion, according to Forbes, formally making him the wealthiest person on the planet.
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