Pelosi tore into Trump and Home Republicans for refusing to accept the election leads to light of the Capitol siege: 'Embarassment on them' thumbnail


Summary List PlacementHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi excoriated President Donald Trump and House Republicans following the deadly siege on the United States Capitol on January 6.
In an “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday, your house Speaker reviewed her experience as pro-Trump rioters burglarized the Capitol building and ransacked her workplace.
Pelosi stated she believed the president must be held liable through impeachment for prompting violence.
” Sadly, the individual running the executive branch is a psychopathic, unhinged, harmful president of the United States, and [there are] only a variety of days up until we can be secured from him,” Pelosi said during the interview. “However he has actually done something so severe that there must be prosecution versus him.”.
She explained the January 6 incident as a “dreadful, dreadful infraction of the Capitol, of the first branch of federal government– the legislative branch– by the president of the United States.” Pro-Trump protesters got into the Capitol as legislators were licensing the results of the 2020 election, causing the chamber to momentarily halt the count and hide.
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The congressional session resumed later on that very same night– with Pence administering– and lasted till 4 a.m. as a variety of GOP legislators continued to object to licensing the election leads to their respective states, although none of the objections were sustained.
” Shame on them, and shame on two-thirds of the Republican caucus in your home supporting the– so these individuals are enablers of the president’s behavior,” Pelosi said. “I remember when Republican politicians in the Senate visited Richard Nixon and said it’s over, which’s what requires to occur now.”.
Some Republicans, nevertheless, consisting of Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, strolled back their decision to object.
House Democrats are seeking to pursue impeachment proceedings against the president because of the Capitol siege, in addition to urging Vice President Mike Pence to conjure up the 25 th Amendment, which would enable him and a bulk Trump’s cabinet to depose the president.
Pelosi composed in a letter acquired by CNN that impeachment procedures could be set into motion as early as this week if Pence does not react to calls to invoke the 25 th Amendment.

Trump dedicated a hazardous assault on our country and our people. What he did ought to be prosecuted.It is our hope that the 2/3rds of Home Republicans who’ve enabled this unhinged guy will finally join us in securing the American individuals and our democracy from him.— Nancy Pelosi (@TeamPelosi) January 11,2021

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