Take a look at the pitch deck this ex-Credit Suisse exec used to raise more than $1 million for his VC portfolio tracker Rundit thumbnail


Summary List PlacementLast month Rundit, the online portfolio platform assisting equity capital financiers keep tabs on their financial investments, raised more than $1 million in seed financing..
The Helsinki-based startup was established in 2017 by Jori Karstikko, previously COO of Credit Suisse’s International eSales department, along with cofounders Pekka Viilto and Goran Bjelajac..
Rundit’s platform enables VCs, accelerators, investment companies, family workplaces, and other expert investors to get regular real-time investment reports with an entirely digitized information flow from portfolio business to partners.
” Startups want to be out there growing their company to end up being the next unicorns, not sending troublesome investor reports with obsolete tools such as Excel,” stated Karstikko.
” Very couple of VCs delight in making reports for their financiers, with data that’s already old by the time the fund report is generated. Rather of developing reports about the past, VCs ought to get real-time analytics to make much better choices for their portfolio in the future.”.
The company raised EUR1 million (or around $1.2 million) in a round backed by a number of prominent seed investors, including Pierre Weimerskirch, board member of the LPEA Luxembourg Private Equity Association.
Organization Insider got a special take a look at the pitch deck Rundit used to bring investors on board. Check it out listed below:.

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