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IT MAY BE the most hyped technology given that blockchain. Even advanced telecoms giants are now positioning huge bets on 5G. In early December American regulators started the procedure of auctioning off radio-frequency bands needed to present superfast fifth-generation mobile networks. Industry professionals had actually anticipated quotes to come in at $25 bn-30 bn between them, less than the $45 bn fetched in the last big 4G spectrum sale in 2015– however a neat amount.
When the first part of the auction was concluded on December 23 rd, the bids had actually reached a staggering $70 bn. The winners will be on the hook for “clearing expenses” of another $13 bn-15 bn, in part to compensate satellite firms for offering up some of their spectrum that is especially appropriate for 5G.

At first blush, this appears like a timeless case of overbidding by zealous telecoms firms chasing after a shiny new innovation. It might leave AT&T and Verizon, America’s mobile-telephony giants, saddled with huge financial obligations. New Street Research study, a firm of experts, reckons that the market’s overall debt will be in between $45 bn and $60 bn higher than formerly forecast.
There is an alternative view. As Jonathan Chaplin of New Street puts it, “it is nearly impossible for …
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