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NICE GUYS end up last. That pithy slogan was coined by Leo Durocher, a baseball supervisor kept in mind for exulting at injuring his opponents and for cheating his players at cards. In 1969 his Chicago Cubs had a big lead in the closing weeks of the season, but he so alienated his squad (and the umpires) that the group stopped working to make it to the World Series. In his case, nasty people completed behind.
This is among the tales informed by David Bodanis, a writer best understood for his science books, who has turned his attention to the concern of how leaders must exercise their authority. The core message in his book, “The Art of Fairness”, can be found in the subtitle: “The power of decency in a world turned mean”.

The Empire State Structure was constructed in simply 13 months, and that included the dismantling of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel that rested on the site. Paul Starrett, the builder, treated his workers rather well by the requirements of the time, paying much attention to safety and paying staff members on days when it was too windy to work. Daily earnings were more than double the typical rate and hot meals were supplied on site.
The idea is known as “effectiveness salaries”. Companies that compensate employees well and treat them relatively can bring in better, more motivated staff. Unlike the majority of building and construction jobs, the Empire State Building had low …
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