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IF DINNER CELEBRATIONS were permitted in locked-down France, it is not tough to think what would set le tout Paris aflutter. For months bankers, politicians and other pre-covid canapé-scoffers have actually taken sides in a corporate fight royale pitting two century-old firms versus each other. Veolia, a water- and waste-management energy, has actually been struggling to demolish Suez, a competitor which is resisting increasingly. The proposed deal is stuck in legal disputes, conference room recriminations and ministerial intrigue. All grist to the mill for those who see French business as the item of its politicians’ dirigiste propensity to form the economic sector in the mould of the public one. But take a look at the broader French company landscape and the stereotype runs out date. Far from the clutches of politicians, numerous French firms have actually become world-beaters. Is this thanks to the attention of elected authorities– or in spite of it?
The awful spat between Veolia and Suez shows politics still matters in Parisian organization circles. Offered the 2 companies provide the very same outsourced environmental services to customers dotted around the world, a tie-up has long been mooted. Veolia having currently took nearly a 3rd of its target’s shares, each side has actually lined up members of l’establishment to make its case. Their brief is not so …
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