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COVID-19 HAS been ruthless for big renters of American shopping centres, such as clothes stores and cinemas. Not so for the casual restaurants that surround these outlets. A number of America’s sit-down dining chains are on track to emerge stronger after 2 quarters of pandemic-driven innovation. The final obstacle is the winter.
As early as March, state and local policies shut down dining halls and started to whittle down the ranks of sit-down eateries. Yelp, a popular review website, reported more than 32,000 dining establishment closures in between March and September; 61%of these were forecasted to be permanent.

Larger chains fared better. With the line of credit and business facilities to roll out new shipment approaches and safety measures, they gradually stemmed losses. Plenty have now recovered or surpassed their pre-pandemic evaluations.
New off-premises service has actually helped. Texas Roadhouse, a steakhouse chain, presented to-go “family loads” and an online butcher selling meat to grill in the house. This tided it over as it set up protective devices and slowly reopened dining rooms. In October it reported a year-on-year increase in same-store sales.
Other chains …
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