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Choosing whether to combine financial resources– consisting of bank and investment accounts– is a big decision every couple must make.
However beyond that, I think couples are missing out on something: Having routine, open conversations about how cash is being handled and spent.
A current survey revealed that more than half of millennial women accept their spouses on monetary problems. No matter your gender, though, taking part in your own monetary life should be a concern.
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If you remain in a devoted, long-term relationship, you need to talk with your partner about finances.
Interacting freely and truthfully about all things money– from how you feel about it to your long-lasting goals to a few of the nuts and bolts of your current scenario– is the first step in making notified choices about how best to align your resources in such a way that benefits you both.
Once you have those very first few discussions, you may begin wondering about the mechanics of handling your money as a couple. Among the most typical concerns that shows up, and that most couples get stuck focusing on, is whether you should combine accounts or keep everything separate.
While that’s a crucial choice, I believe it misses a bigger, a lot more essential point.

Handling your money needs to be a collective effort.
I truly think that how you select to deal with money as a couple is an individual decision, and the best authority on the topic will be you and your partner.
This comes with a big caveat. I also strongly believe this only works if you interact honestly, truthfully, and often about money– and it just works if you both work together and actively participate in the procedure.
The issue is, this rarely takes place..
Studies show over half of millennial ladies postpone financial decisions to their partners. They pull out of taking part in their own financial lives– and this is a much larger issue than whether or not you combine or separate your finances.
Your cash and choices around your finances figure out so much of what happens in your life. Practically everything is, at least in part, a financial decision.
It does not matter whether your partner ‘understands more’ about cash.
Look, I can comprehend caring and trusting your partner, even to the point where you let them handle your household’s cash.
I’m married myself, and we totally integrated our financial resources and hold our properties, like our house and non-retirement investment accounts, as joint owners with rights of survivorship. My spouse is even a financial planner, so I definitely trust his know-how and he objectively has more education, training, and experience than I do in monetary matters.
But that does not indicate I just check out of the money stuff and ask him to figure it out..
We are still really similarly associated with our financial resources, from the everyday budgeting to the big-picture, long-term financial method. We don’t make monetary decisions without each other’s input and buy-in. We’re a group and we’re constructing a life together, and that’s shown in the truth that we’re both similarly associated with what’s going on in our monetary lives.
What matters in your financial success as a couple is that you and your partner handle finances proactively and as a team pursuing common goals.
When you share a house and a life with someone, you should be equally associated with the financial decision making of that home. Your money management system must show everyone’s active participation because it must be something that everyone comprehends and can take part in.
Kali Roberge is the chief operations officer of Beyond Your Hammock, a fee-only monetary preparation company based in Boston, Massachusetts.
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