Why industrial ties in between Taiwan and China are beginning to fray thumbnail

HUNDREDS OF JOBSEEKERS lined up outside a factory gate on a recent fall morning. Uni-Royal, a Taiwanese maker of electronic elements for such brands as Samsung and Toshiba, was looking for additional assistance at its plant in Kunshan, an hour’s drive west of Shanghai. New factory hands could make 4,000 yuan ($610) a month, double the local minimum wage. Kunshan is dotted with numerous Taiwanese manufacturers like Uni-Royal. More than 100,000 Taiwanese call Kunshan house.
Specific price quotes differ, but as many as 1.2 m Taiwanese, or 5%of Taiwan’s population, are reckoned to live in China– numerous of them business folk. Foxconn, a huge Taiwanese contract manufacturer of electronic devices for Apple and other gadget-makers, utilizes 1m employees in China, more than any other private business in the country.

As the West grows increasingly suspicious of communist China’s rise– a pattern that America’s next president, Joe Biden, might slow however not reverse– Beijing seems keener than ever to bolster cross-strait business bonds. It sees Taiwanese companies …
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