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THE BRAND-NEW “TikTok Treats” menu on Postmates in Los Angeles wins no kudos for gastronomy. It attract carb-loving teenagers: cloud bread and pancake cereal. But the tie-up with the popular short-video app is another sign that food-delivery firms are coming of age. Amongst teens and millennials, ordering food online is as implanted a habit as scheduling an Airbnb, bingeing on Netflix or hailing an Uber.
Just how connected customers are thanks to the pandemic is clear from financial documents filed on November 13 th by DoorDash, America’s greatest food-delivery business, ahead of its listing on the New York Stock Exchange next month. From January to September it scheduled orders worth $16 bn, up by 198%year on year, earning incomes of $1.9 bn. It ferries grub from 390,000 American dining establishments.

Most of America’s 700,000 approximately dining establishments now disperse by means of a delivery app, keeps in mind Lauren Silberman of Credit Suisse, a bank. The pandemic turbocharged a pre-existing pattern for convenience food, as more ladies work and everybody is short of time. In doing so, it has also fixed up one of Silicon Valley’s most derided business designs.
Dining establishments got in the digital world twenty years back when in Europe and Grubhub in America put menus online. Dining establishments delivered the food themselves and the intermediaries were reliably …
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