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Steve Bannon, who faces charge of defrauding donors to right-wing causes, has actually lost his defense counsel after publicly calling for the murder of top United States contagious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci and Chris Wray, director of the FBI.
In a Nov. 6 letter to US District Judge Analis Torres, attorney William Burck said that his company, Quinn Emanuel, “intends to relocate to withdraw” from the case.
The news comes less than 24 hours after Bannon said President Trump ought to behead government employees he views as disloyal. “I ‘d put the heads on pikes,” he said on his podcast. “I ‘d put them at the two corners of the White House as a cautioning to federal bureaucrats.”
Twitter instantly suspended an account connected to the podcast. YouTube and Facebook likewise got rid of videos of the episode from their platform, although neither has removed the program itself.
Bannon was detained in August and charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud. District attorneys implicate him of misusing funds raised to construct a wall along the southern border.
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