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A record 65 million Americans have actually voted by mail in the 2020 presidential election this year, according to the US Elections Project. And this year, it’s much easier than ever to inspect online to see if your mail tally has been received and counted..
Dozens of states have taken actions to make it easier to vote by mail due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with nine states and the District of Columbia, in addition to a number of counties in Montana, sending all or a lot of signed up citizens a tally, and more sending out mail tally applications to all or most voters..
According to an analysis by the National Vote at Home Institute, a nonpartisan group that promotes for states to make it much easier for voters to cast ballots securely from home, 47 states and the District of Columbia now have online websites that enable citizens to track the status of their ballots every action of the method..
” Tally tracking is very much comparable to tracking a bundle that you order online, but for mail tallies,” Amber McReynolds, the CEO of the Institute, informed reporters in September. “It uses different information entry points into the process to let a citizen understand what the status of their mail ballot is from the time it’s been printed and sent by mail, all the way through to when it’s been received by the election official at the end of the process.”.
McReynolds played a role in creating the nation’s first-ever tally tracking system, BallotTRACE, while functioning as the elections director for Denver, Colorado back in 2010..
Now, in the majority of states and the District of Columbia, all voters will have access to a tally tracking system available statewide. In those states, all voters need to do is go into some information like their name, address, and date of birth into the website to see the status of their ballot.
Several of those states, including California, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia, likewise currently allow citizens to register for e-mail and/or text message notifies for updates on when their ballot was mailed, gotten, and accepted, instead of the voter needing to by hand examine their state’s portal. That choice is also available in particular counties in other states..
And even if your state’s tally tracking system doesn’t offer text or email alerts, you can sign up to be alerted whenever you get a letter or plan in the mail through the United States Postal Service’s Informed Shipment service.
In 12 additional states, tally tracking is used in all or some counties at the local level, where voters can confirm the status of their ballot or sign up for notifies with their county. You can discover how to track your tally by going to your state or regional election office’s site, and enter your name, address, and date of birth to find the status of your ballot.
This ease of access to a ballot’s status runs counter to President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of widespread mail in tally rigging and his call for citizens who mailed in ballots to inspect the status at their polling locations– when this can be more readily checked online.

Just three states– Mississippi, Missouri, and Wyoming– currently have no tally tracking systems at the state or county level in usage for the November election. If you’re in among those states and have issues about the status of your ballot, you can contact your local election workplace.
In many primary elections throughout the nation this year, several states including New York, Pennsylvania, and Georgia had statewide or localized issues with citizens not getting their tallies at all, receiving them too late, or having their tallies arrive back at their election workplaces too late..
Some of the administrative issues with mail ballot and recent service disruptions and hold-ups with the US Postal Service have left lots of citizens anxious about voting by mail. And in September, Trump spread further confusion by prompting citizens in North Carolina and Pennsylvania to vote by mail and then go to ballot locations to see if their tally was accepted and vote in-person if not..
Not just is voting two times in a federal election prohibited under federal law and in a lot of states, but going to the polls to examine whether your vote is counted is unnecessary and will just create longer lines at polling locations, authorities say. In the vast bulk of states, you can examine the status of your ballot and make sure that it was accepted online from the convenience of your house..
McReynolds explained that the majority of ballot tracking systems use data points inputted both from election offices themselves, like when a voter’s ballot demand is gotten and processed, and from Intelligent Mail Barcodes. Election authorities or their suppliers can attach those barcodes to the envelopes including citizens’ ballots, which provide voters with upgraded information on the status of their tally when they are scanned at every step..
Among the largest suppliers dealing with election authorities to offer tally tracking systems is Colorado-based business BallotTrax, whose innovation is now being used in 25 states and hundreds of counties, the company stated in a September 10 press release. BallotTrax’s technology has actually assisted areas track over 60 million ballots considering that 2009, the firm approximates..
” Citizens utilizing BallotTrax get a tracking service comparable to Amazon’s package tracking, allowing voters to register for text, email and phone notifications signaling them to the status of their tally, from when it is printed, sent, provided and, most importantly, officially arranged,” the company’s CEO Steve Olson stated. “No longer do voters have to question if their mail-in ballot was actually counted.”.
Tally tracking systems can likewise enable authorities to quickly alert citizens if there’s a problem with their tally that must be repaired, like a missing out on signature on the outer envelope or a signature that doesn’t match what the election workplace has on file in states that utilize signature confirmation. Signature discrepancies have been progressively typical factors for tallies to be challenged or turned down in 2020, a recent NPR analysis discovered..
Jocelyn Bucaro, the current Director of the Denver Elections Department, likewise informed reporters that in addition to enhancing comfort for voters that their vote was counted, ballot tracking also assists the security and integrity of a tally as it goes from each point along the method..
” In city areas like Denver where individuals reside in apartment with mailboxes that are not necessarily best outside their front door, individuals are not constantly examining their mail every day,” she said. “So if they get that alert and they know that their tally is awaiting them in their mailbox, it’s a handy pointer and a crucial security feature.”.
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