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IT HAS THE biggest windows in area. Six reclining seats. And blue edges that passengers can clinch as they drift weightlessly more than 100 km (62 miles) above Earth. If that is not rarefied enough, envision if among the fellow passengers were Jeff Bezos, looking down onto a planet that is spanned by his digital corporation, Amazon, and of which he is the richest occupant. When the time comes for Mr Bezos’s personal endeavor, Blue Origin, to send paying tourists into area, its owner will probably be among them. “I believe that he will be– and is, undoubtedly, excited to be– one of the first private citizens to blast himself into area,” writes Walter Isaacson, a biographer, in an introduction to the collected writings of Mr Bezos. Currently you shiver to think about Mr Bezos’s peals of laughter ringing through the heavens.
It is simple to assume that for the 56- year-old male who has (and sells) whatever, area tourist is the supreme vanity task. His bald head looks like that of his idol, Captain Jean-Luc Picard in “Star Trek”. In 1982 he told his schoolmates: “Area, the last frontier, meet me there!”

Yet dismissing his space mission as a mix of mid-life crisis and cash to burn would be …
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