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“TO SOME EXTENT, we attempt to frighten off financiers,” admits Mateo Jaramillo, co-founder of Type Energy. Solar and wind power are periodic, so green utility firms must save excess energy and launch it when no sun shines or breeze blows. Form Energy, founded in 2017, wants to extend that to days with a different, and undisclosed, battery technology.
The mix of long haul times and unproven innovation would provide lots of equity capital (VC) investors the jitters. A lot of want to see returns in 5 to seven years. Kind Energy has more client backers. They consist of Advancement Energy Ventures (BEV), a fund set up by Bill Gates and supported by other billionaires; Eni Next, the Italian oil company’s VC arm; and The Engine, a fund run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This reflects the progressing nature of the green VC environment, which is teeming once again …
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