CEO Sundar Pichai says a few of Google's 'deeper financial investments' in hardware will be exposed next year. Here's what they may be. (GOOGL) thumbnail

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After publishing gangbuster Q3 results, Google parent Alphabet held its typical profits call to talk about numbers and take concerns from analysts.
While most of the questions focused on search, ecommerce, and the recent Justice Department suit, one question around hardware triggered a particularly interesting reaction from CEO Sundar Pichai.
Asked about Google’s hardware method, Pichai said the business was doing “some much deeper investments.”
” Some of it takes two to three years to come together,” he said.
More fascinating was his next remark: “I’m excited about the road map ahead and next year you will see us lean more into, you understand, some of our much deeper investments will enter play there.”
What was he describing? There are a number of things in Google’s hardware pipeline which we think might be classified as “deeper financial investments,” presuming Pichai was still describing hardware there.
The most significant could be Google’s own chipset, which Axios initially reported on previously this year. According to the report, Google is working on its own processor to power future variations of its Pixel mobile phone as soon as next year. It likewise plans to utilize the chip– integrated in collaboration with Samsung and codenamed “Whitechapel”– for its Chromebooks further down the line.
This seems like the apparent one, and would certainly count as a “deep” financial investment on Google’s part..
It may likewise be a reference to something being formulated by its hardware’s R&D lab. As 9to5google recommends, it might be something like the Soli radar, which was first rolled out in mobile phones and was put in the brand-new Nest thermostat this year.
Google’s hardware manager Rick Osterloh informed The Verge earlier this year that Soli, which was eliminated from the current Pixel 5 smartphone, will ultimately go back to a Google phone.
Finally, Google has actually been making a great deal of relocations in the wearables space. It’s presently trying to obtain Fitbit (pending legal approval) and this year got Canadian wise glasses maker North.
The latter was a strong hint that it might be making a glasses product of its own, although it’s less clear if that particularly investment will settle quite so soon.
Apple is said to be developing a pair of its own glasses, as well as an AR/VR headset, the latter of which might show up as quickly as next year, according to reports.SEE ALSO: Google CEO Sundar Pichai attempted to calm financiers concerned about antitrust examination– and whether losing a crucial Apple search deal would be a ‘code red’.
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